What is Colonoscopy? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Coloscopy is a process that is usually performed by experienced doctors. This procedure usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. In this procedure, the doctor will give some medications that will make you feel drowsy and relaxed. You will also be asked to lie on your left side on the table so that the doctor can inspect you. The doctor will use a colonoscope which is a 1/2-inch flexible tube that possesses a camera showing every detail of your body.

The colonoscope is inserted from the rectum and it is moved carefully inside to reach the large intestine. The scope is made of flexible material and thus while inserting, it bends easily and thus moving it becomes easier. The scope also blows the air inside the colon which expands the colon so that the doctor can see everything. The doctor may also ask you to change the position which will help the doctor in inspecting from both sides. You might feel some cramps during the complete procedure which is common. To get relief from cramps, take some deep breaths during the process. As the examination completes, the colonoscope will slowly be removed from the lining of your bowel.

While examining, if the doctor sees something abnormal, he may remove some tissues for further analysis and tests which are called a biopsy. The abnormal growth of tissues can be easily removed. In most cases, colonoscopy helps the doctor in diagnosing the issue properly which further helps the doctor to treat without any operating procedures. Visit Mark Wong Surgery for more information on thorough and professional colonoscopy procedures in Singapore.

What must I do before Colonoscopy?

Before having colonoscopy, you must make sure that you let the doctor know about your any kind of following medical conditions:

1. Pregnancy

2. Something related to Lungs

3. Heart condition

4. Any allergies present

5. Any kind of diabetes especially if you are on medicines that cause blood clotting. The doctor may make some adjustments in your current medicines

The doctor may also recommend you take antibiotics if you have the following medical conditions.

1. have an artificial heart valve

2. if any doctor has asked you to have antibiotics before a dental or surgical procedure.

How to prepare yourself for a Colonoscopy?

Before going for a colonoscopy, the doctor may ask you to restrict some of the fluid diets. But all these things depend upon the doctor. The doctor might also ask you to stop taking any kind of solid food some days before the colonoscopy. The doctor may recommend you have oral laxatives.

It is always recommended to come with a companion who knows driving because after the process is completed, you might feel some dizzy and sleepy and thus to avoid any kind of accident or problems.

After the process is completed, you will be kept under observation for 30 mins. You might feel some cramping or of having gas, but you don’t have to worry as it passes quickly. If you see any kind of bleeding, make sure you get it checked by the doctor.