Types of Colorectal Surgeries

Since colorectal surgeries are surgeries that deal with any issues of the anus, rectum, and colon, there are many medical procedures available to treat these body parts. We will take a look at the most common of them in Singapore and what each involves.

All the procedures discussed in this article are what is obtainable here in Singapore and most parts of the world. These surgical and non-surgical procedures should be performed by a specialist in the field such as Dr Mark Wong and his 2 clinics in Singapore. Read more about his medical practice here.


This is a procedure that is commonly used to remove an infection from the colon. A part of the colon that is infected is removed in a way that does not harm the entire body. An incision is made to the abdomen to expose the large intestine and the infected portion is cut-out. The remaining part is joined and allowed to heal.


This procedure is either temporary or permanent. The surgeon creates a hole along the abdomen through which he will pull one end of the colon out. So this partition affects how you pee and defecate as the new opening will be used pending the time the colon is treated for the condition. Once treated, the colon is reattached and the process of excreting water from the body continues as normal.


A scope is a tube that has a high-intensity light and a camera. During this procedure, a minor incision is made and the tube is passed into this small opening. The camera at the tip of the scope is always attached to a monitor on whom he can examine the colon for any problem. This procedure is commonly used for diagnosis.


A simple change in lifestyle is needed for the treatment of most hemorrhoids except the condition is really critical. If this is the case, you will be placed on anesthesia while the surgeon makes some incision around your buttocks. The hemorrhoids are them removed. It is a simple procedure and you will be discharged from the hospital the same day.

Anal Anastomosis

This is also known as j-pouch and it is used to remove the large intestine or colon. The procedure makes a simple way of excreting wastes from the body so that the patient can live without a colon if it is infected beyond normal.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Surgery

 This disease often causes some discomfort in the intestines and can cause hospitalization. If lifestyle changes cannot bring some relief, a colectomy which removes the colon and medications will follow to reduce the effect of Chron’s disease.

Internal Sphincterotomy

This is majorly a procedure used in treating anal fissures or tears on the rectum and anus. There is a muscle in the body called the internal sphincter and it is the muscle that opens and closes to allow stools to pass out of the anus. This procedure cuts this muscle and allows it to heal thus improving its tenacity.


This is a surgery that is often done to remove a bad or infected organ or tissue. We have three of them namely:

  • Abdominal resection to remove or treat anal and rectal cancer
  • Small bowel resection to remove an infected part of the intestine,
  • Low anterior resection to remove part of the diseased rectum but it will be rejoined later.

So these procedures are not complicated and most of them do not come with much discomfort. Discuss with your surgeon before agreeing to any colorectal surgery.